Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great New Interview

While I was out in California, I was interviewed by cartoonist Justin Thompson for his "Comics Coast to Coast" show. The interview was conducted at No. 1 Snoopy Place, in Charles Schulz's studio, just 4 feet away from where he drew Peanuts for over 20 years. So maybe that explains why it's the best interview I've ever done. Justin was a great host and we covered topics ranging from self-publishing, to self-confidence (I know quite a bit about both)... From drawing equipment, to growing up in Girardville, PA. and selling comic books out of my school locker.

You can download it for free at iTunes, or hey, just follow this link.

Also, check out Justin's comic Mythtickle. It's beautifully drawn, and really really funny.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hey guys.

So, Simon and Schuster has prepared a little "About Jimmy Gownley" site as part of their "Authors Revealed" series.  It's mostly  Q and A stuff, but they also have little 30 second video interviews I did on my last trip to New York. They're kind of fun... half way between a job interview, and speed dating, but without the pressure. 

So, check out this link to find out the answers to such burning questions as: What are may favorite books? What do I consider my best quality? Can I successfully count to 7? (Spoiler alert: no.)

Oh, and you can also order the book there too. 
Just sayin...