Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dialog with Dave Sim: Part 2

Dave's portion is conducted by fax. Click on the image to enlarge.

Did everyone see what just happened there? My very own dialog just got hijacked!!


While we wait for Karen to respond, check out Dave's blog post from 2006 about his early impressions of AR! and Karen for that matter...


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Max Southall said...

Just spent a couple hours sorting the dialog mechanics out for http://Cerebus.TV - and making sure that it can be reached from a linked promotional poster drawn by Jimmy, of Amelia and The Aardvark being contentious with one another - UNLIKE their creators! Hope that we can all synergize Jimmy's upcoming appearance on http://Cerebus.TV by promoting that far and wide, with appropriate links and publicity. If anyone has related promotional animated banners, or video we can use for a click-to-play poster on http://Cerebus.TV, then please feel free to send that on.